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Really what I want to say is, "Thank you, Angie."


When I first met Angie for a consultation, I thought to myself, "This is exactly what I need in my life right now--the ability to have somebody from the outside give me an objective look at all the areas that I need work on: my health, my relationships, my spiritual life, and my career."


It was so refreshing to have somebody so well- trained to actually help me improve in these areas. I am so thankful for the transformation that occurred over the course of six months. First off, I stopped drinking alcohol. Let me repeat, I STOPPED DRINKING. Not that that can happen for everybody, and I very well may have a drink again one day, but for now, I found it no longer served me. And that was huge for me. Now I just love going out, enjoying my time, and connecting with the people I meet. 


I'm also more conscious than ever of what are the best foods to eat. I now "eat the rainbow," including much more nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables in my diet, and don't dread it. 



Workouts fit my schedule and leave me feeling strong. No more dreading to go to the gym. I now know exactly how to get a great workout in to start my day, and I don't feel like I'm wasting my time. 


Relationships with the people that I love are amazing. I find myself more understanding, more patient, kinder and willing to listen. They continue to flourish to this day. 


Finally, I achieved a real sense of self love. If I had to boil it down to something, it's that. I love myself. I truly see myself as somebody as to which nothing is impossible to accomplish. Everyone deserves the opportunity to empower themselves and love themselves more. Working with Angie helped me do that, and I am forever grateful for the tools and knowledge I learned from her. I will have them with me for the rest of my life. Truly transformative work. One of the best investments I've ever made. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking not just to be "healthier," but to evolve and find their "true you." 


                              - Christian Arias, 28,                                  Financial Advisor

Embarking on my journey with Angie at the helm as my health coach was an amazing experience. She gave me so many tools and ideas to help me get past the obstacles in my way that were keeping me from achieving my goals ... no. 1 obstacle being myself. She actually made me aware of the fact that I was the only one getting in my way. With her guidance, insightfulness, and wisdom, she helped me look at things and think about things in a totally new light. I can say I actually experienced a total change in perspective. And everything is perspective. Thank you Angie for opening my eyes and helping me to help myself. Angie's health coaching is true inspiration for one's soul at any age, and I highly recommend her services. None of her sessions will disappoint. I promise.

- Jeanette Holmes, 59,


Let’s just say that during my first session with Angie I could not stop crying. Before her, I was constantly stressed, always sick, and my body was covered in eczema. Fast forward 6 months later, and I was looking and feeling good, but most of all I was HAPPY.

She took the time to listen to what I needed and wanted out of life and tailored my program to fit ME. She taught me how to manage my stress, feel more confident about myself, and eat right for my body's needs. She was outstanding, patient, kind, and always helpful. I now have a new perspective on life that serves me, not one that steals from me. THANK YOU, ANGIE!

- Vanessa Martinez, 28,

Sales Territory Manager



My journey with Angie is EXACTLY what I didn't know I needed. For a long time I was complacent with the life I was living and just going through the motions. This journey has helped me lead my life, be more grateful, and truly get out of my comfort zone. It has challenged me physically, emotionally, and spiritually and allowed me to take aspects of my life to another level.

Angie has provided me with a variety of tools to enhance and create the life I want. She has guided me in setting goals that serve me, assisted in asking the right questions to get results, and has provided me such powerful insight and perspective along the way. Small changes in my everyday have made a huge, lasting impact. The first phase flew by so quickly and I decided to renew so I can continue taking my life to the next level. Investing in myself is the best thing I have done. I'm forever grateful for Angie's patience, encouragement, silliness and creativity! 

- Gabriella Garcia, 29, Speech Language Pathologist

Angie has helped me embrace certain personality traits that I thought were negative and now have turned into my "superpower."  She pushes me to dig deep to learn more about myself and to put my vision and dreams into action. I leave every session with incredible feelings of excitement, empowerment, and acceptance.  I love how she continuously shares cutting edge information to help me achieve my goals or even change my goals. 


These past 6 months have been mind-opening for me, however, I didn't realize how great it would be for all of those around me! From co-workers, to family & friends- all have seen or felt the difference in me thanks to Angie and to me for actually doing the work.


- Lauren Belinsky, 36, Marketing Director

Angie’s coaching proved to be a great investment. One that I would strongly recommend to those seeking the best versions of themselves. Her coaching style is practical and pleasant, yet she demands that you play to win. No BS and no sitting on the sidelines. She’s a great listener and held me accountable through my 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month goals. Goals which she helped me set with clarity and precision. All of which were tied to my “why."


Each session was substantive and offered a new principles, technique, or perspective which helped me gain a deeper level of self awareness and peace. Discovering a healthier balance between my masculine and feminine sides led to more meaningful relationships, including the one with myself. Her de-cluttering exercise was also much needed; removing, reducing, and reversing people, places and thought patterns which no longer served me.


Her natural antibiotics and daily “wake-up water” are crucial towards maintaining a healthy PH level and fending off sickness. I also thoroughly enjoyed our workouts, which didn’t require anything besides workout clothes, a mat, and a timer. Bring a towel! Setting a baseline goal for a challenging, yet attainable amount of weekly workouts varying across HIIT, Pilates, and runs led to better sleep and results that speak for themselves.


Finally, I was reminded of the importance for self-care which has helped me take care of myself and others. I’m excited to be creating a life based on my vision, not my circumstances. Thank you, Angie!

- Christian Baena, 30, Social Entrepreneur

During the spring of 2016 my life was riddled with anxiety and question marks. Everything seemed pointless, and worst of all, joyless. In short, changes were necessary. Changes that required interior work and a certain willingness from my end. 


From our first meeting, I felt assured that Angie could guide me. She spoke deliberately and listened attentively. She didn't instruct or micromanage, she facilitated and inspired. Nothing she said was unbeknownst to me, but each word resonated in a way that fit my present circumstances. Our conversations paved the way for life altering decisions. My smoking habit (3-4 cigars a day) was reduced to one cigar every two months; my eating and exercise regiment went from self-imposed obligations to eager endeavors that instilled energy and vitality.  My self image--a perpetual source of pain and conflict--evolved from judgement and negativity to gentleness and openness. 


Angie helped me identify belief systems that no longer served me, resentments that consumed my time, and spiritual approaches to change that could give rise to long term benefits (i.e. smoking, nutrition, peace and self acceptance.)


Angie is the real deal; she won't give you the answer, she'll simply provide the means to discover it on your own. 

-- Mario de Armas, 37,

Theology Teacher

A journey of self discovery, finding my true self, breaking down barriers, regaining my self esteem, embracing failure, learning how my body works, discovering the fuel my body needs are just some of the things I have done during my work with Angie. 


In two years, I have become a woman that even I don’t recognize some days. I’m a product of the work I’ve put into everything she has facilitated. I’ve used all the lessons and techniques she has taught me about life, emotional balance, self care, personal discovery and most of all love. Loving every part of the process; good, bad and ugly. 


Angie has been the catalyst that has pushed me to succeed at becoming the best version of myself, for myself and my family. Her skills to teach and motivate are a mere thin layer of her talents, most of all it is the inspiration she brings to her clients that is most impactful! 

-- Tracy Sires, 38,


Angie woke me UP. I realized I'd been essentially sleeping through my life, going through the motions, and living inside of my toxic comfort zone--self- medicating and self-deprecating. She helped me realize that some of the obstacles ahead of me were ones I placed there. I know what you're thinking--I don't get in my own way, I'm trying to help myself. But see, we DO get in our own way, and we don't even realize it. Angie's compassionate, yet no-nonsense approach to making you see yourself as you ACTUALLY ARE and not who you have sequestered yourself to be is inspiring. She is incredible at what she does, and it is evident. This is her passion, and her spirit is contagious. My journey is far from over, but in the last 6 months, she has guided me to begin loving myself, taking care of myself, and creating my own personal heaven on Earth. Angie: to you, I say thank you. The extent of your support and guidance has gone far beyond anything I could have ever imagined, and for that and for YOU, I am forever grateful.


-- Karen Filadelfia, 28,


I believe that people come into our lives at a certain time for a reason.


I am extremely grateful for Angie, as she has taught me some of the most valuable lessons in my life that will forever transform the way I think and perceive my health, fitness, and overall wellness.

Before I began my journey, I was stuck in a rut and the things that used to work for me, no longer did. Not only was I physically overweight, but also felt uninspired, and I knew I needed to find a solution fast. Angie helped me to discover that it all begins with our belief systems, and she taught me to “meet yourself where you’re at” first and foremost--such a simple yet powerful lesson that has had a positive impact in my life.

Since I’ve began working with Angie, I’ve gained clarity on my purpose, which has in turn improved my health, and I’m on my way to living a better quality of life. I’ve been able to replace old, bad habits with new, healthy ones (like breaking my addiction to drinking soda and now drinking fruit-infused water!) She has taught me how to practice ‘self-care,’ and she understands that health and wellness is not defined by a number and is NOT a “one size fits all” program. 

Angie’s approach is unique and is tailored to fit your needs by providing the tools and resources to help you achieve your goals. Working with Angie has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made, and the results and transformation is priceless. Angie is the TRUTH. I highly recommend her coaching to everyone!

--Kathy Alvarado, 32, Global Business Manager/Entrepreneur 

I’ve been aware of my need for personal development and growth for a while now, since 2011 to be exact. Since then I have been reading, practicing, evolving, growing, etc. but, there was still something missing. I continued going through life, sometimes being present and other times just letting it go by. I felt stagnant and overwhelmed. During the spring (my favorite time of the year) I was able to see the signs from the universe, as I find it so easy to connect with myself during that season and made the decision I needed to trust it, find a way to get out of the routine, and stir my own pot.I needed guidance and someone to show me the way.


Deciding to commit to working with a coach was hard on its own, as I oppose the extreme materialization and commercialization approach that some coaches have. I didn’t want to be sold into something and that was the vibe I got from many people. So, finding someone whose message and approach resonated with me was extremely important. I had been acquainted with Angie through a mutual friend a couple of years ago and have been following her on social media since. I saw and remained witness to her own transformation; I saw Angie working her plan and evolving into this wonderful woman that had not only a way to make things happen for herself, but she was willing to share her journey, highs and lows. So I decided to give it a try and booked my consultation with her.

After meeting Angie and listening to her “True You” approach, I knew it was the right choice and took the leap to let her show me the way to finding my “Why.” 




I learned that throughout this process you would find things about yourself you were not even looking for, but somehow are pivotal for your growth. I learned to de-clutter my mind, heart, and body so I could have space for all the positive changes I had coming, I also learned to not be attached to my expectation of results and success. Some of the goals I had for my 6-month mark were obtained in less than that while other goals were transformed and adjusted to serve my purpose, not bring me anxiety or fear.


Have I obtained everything I had set out for this journey? No, and that’s ok. Is the picture of the road clear and straight? No, sometimes it feels like you go forward 5 steps and go back 3, and that’s ok too.  Angie taught me that progress and resistance are part of the entire experience. Setbacks are reminders that you are human and are in a continued improving state. I am more connected with my own journey now and not the one I expected to be on; I am guiding myself in better ways and have a clear purpose. I was able to take more leaps of faith on my own and have not felt that I made the wrong choice; I even got the courage to chase my dream, quit my job, and become an entrepreneur. I still have a long way to go, but I am looking forward to it as I have tools that were not visible before.  


Knowing what you want in life is important, but getting up and actually getting it is EVERYTHING! Let her show you how! 

--Cinthya Moreno, 32, Entrepreneur 



Two years ago I was at a point in my life where I was desperate for many answers. Like, why can’t I control my anxiety?  How come I can’t make myself happier? Why is it I can’t handle my emotions better? Or, what is my greater purpose in life? I felt stuck even hopeless at times. It was around this same time I connected with Angie, and that’s when everything began to change.

Angie’s guidance facilitated a drastic shift that took me from being a victim of my limiting beliefs and fears to a woman who now LEADS her own life. Her coaching has helped me understand that I get to choose what my life looks like at all times. 

Since starting “True You” I gained the confidence I needed to leave my 5am shifts as a bartender to launching my own business and do the work I’m most passionate about. For the first time in my adult life I get a restful night's sleep, which has boosted my energy levels drastically. I have discovered what foods I enjoy and that also work best for my body. I have also developed a spiritual practice that has opened creative doorways I never knew existed within me.


My mindset, however, has been the biggest shift of all. I used to view the world through a pessimistic lens that kept me in a dark place for most of my life. These days I wake up seeing the beauty in even the ugliest situations. These are just SOME of the ways my life and health have improved by working with Angie.

My health and lifestyle transformation took hard work every single day and is still far from over. However, the process has rewarded me in ways that I couldn’t have conceived two years ago. I’ve moved from a place of hopelessness to a place where I am aligning with the highest version of myself.

If I could use one word to describe Angie it would be powerful. Everything from her work, her presence, her wisdom, as well as the unconditional love she displays to all of her clients will move you. 

Angie, you are creating profound shifts not just in the lives of individuals, but you are making this world a better place to live. Thank you for all that you do. I am forever grateful.

“We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

-- Colleen Egan, 28, Entrepreneur/Coach 

One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was choosing to work with Angie as my coach; to invest in myself & to better my life.


When I contacted Angie 9 months ago, I was desperate to improve a few areas in my life, but I didn’t know how to get there.  This experience, to have Angie by my side guiding me to look at my life, has been indispensible.


Not only was I able to achieve my goals I had set out for (and then some!), it happened in a way that has served me, rather than in a way that stole from me.  One of my big breakthroughs on this journey was that I quit my job!  This decision has allowed me to now create my own Entrepreneurial life in my own way. 


Angie taught me how to better manage my health choices, to balance working out + working in, to focus on solutions and not let obstacles get in my way, as well as emotional management, to name a few.  These are some of the things that most importantly have allowed me to experience a deeper relationship with myself, as well as enjoy an improved quality of life, which has also benefited the people and the relationships most important to me.


I thank you Angie for sharing and teaching me the tools that I can use every single day to create my own life & to create my own Heaven on Earth. 


The best part is: I am just getting started and cannot wait to create the next chapter of my life!



--Kelly Rice, 40

Skin Therapist & Educator, Canada 

--Manuel Lacayo, 26

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Angie has been a guide to me in many ways. She has guided me to a place within myself where I can confidently choose which direction I am going in, and be able to move towards it with an amount of fear that diminishes daily. She has guided me to a version of myself that is accepting of who I am on a day-to-day basis; she has caught me at those points where I begin to compare myself to idealistic standards rather than human standards and has reminded me hold myself high even on the low days. She has shown a faith in me that I do not understand on some days, understand on others, believe on most, and, no matter what day, I am grateful for that. 


Meeting with her twice a month, she has become an echo of the intentions I have set for my life, a fire under my ass, and a safe haven. Consistently meeting me where I am at emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically and then giving me the tools (exercises, books, perspectives, mantras, feng-shui tips) all with the purpose of moving me forward in the direction of my choice from exactly where I am standing (rather than the two miles ahead where I want to be or sometimes think I am).  She has been a humbling and inspiring presence in my life and I am excited to continue my journey with her.

When I first met with Angie, I was in a place in my life where I found myself stuck. I felt stagnant, stressed, and unhappy. Goals that I'd wanted to accomplish seemed impossible and unattainable. After our first meeting, I realized that I needed my happiness to be my priority again and decided that enough was enough.

Angie helped bring to light certain realizations and situations where change was necessary in order for me to move forward and out of my rut. In some instances, I would never have made those discoveries on my own or would never have thought they were even relative in the scheme of things, but everything is connected.

Angie helped me to realize that health and happiness are created by so much more than diet and exercise. She helped me to look within myself and acknowledge my strengths and passions and guided me in moving toward them, instead of running away from them and self-sabotaging in order to remain in that seemingly safe place.

Fear is a liar.

-- Jacqueline Carvajal, 35,

Entrepreneur/Owner of

"The Glass Oven"

Angie showed me we really can do anything we want to do and become anything we want to become. "Why not?," she'd ask me...all the time, until I started asking myself. "Why the hell not?" Her guidance in teaching me how to create realistic and attainable goals, and to stay focused on the here and now were crucial to my successes. During so many conversations it was like a light bulb went on in "Aha!" moments, and it was invigorating.

I had been looking for peace and happiness in all the wrong places, later realizing they were within me all along. As a busy, busy, busy mother of two and an entrepreneur with a full time job, it was a struggle for me to find time for myself. Angie helped me become aware of the importance of self care and self love, and helped me realize that the better I take care of and love myself, the better and more present I will be to care for and love others and the better I will fulfill my goals with care and love and purpose. Angie helped me realize a huge goal that had been swirling around in my head for years. And now, I'm on my way.

"Ego says, "Once everything falls into place,  I'll feel peace." Spirit says, "Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place."

Thank you, Angie, for helping me discover my peace.

When I first was referred to Angie, I had a million excuses as to why I did not need any type of coaching in my life.  I thought I was doing just fine on my own. However, all it took was one consultation before I realized, I not only needed Angie, I wanted to embark on this new journey with her as my source of guidance and support.


Throughout my time with Angie, I’ve learned more about myself than I had ever before. It was incredible to bring to light the “true Chantel” who had been dormant for so many years. I will be forever grateful to Angie for opening my mind, and more importantly, my heart to everything life has to offer. I am more empowered to not leave life to chance, but rather, take actions and take control of my life.  I feel healthier and happier than ever! I have learned so many POWERFUL tools that I now incorporate into my daily life, across all aspects from relationships, to my career, to my health and more. I am eternally grateful Angie!

-- Chantel Hernandez, 26,

Speech Language Pathologist

"I've always taken care of others and put their needs before mine. For the longest time, I knew I wanted to make a change in my life because I was finally able to see that what I really needed to do was take care of myself and be HAPPY, I just didn't know what steps to take to get there. Making the choice to gift myself Angie as my coach has truly been a blessing. My life needed change, nurture, self-love and self-respect. Although it's been a slow process, Angie has helped me get to a better place in my life. I can never talk enough about all the things I learn with her and when I find myself in a place I don't want to be in, the things I've learned with her help me get back on track and make better choices for myself. THANK YOU, Angie!" 

-- Mariela Quintanilla, 31,

Communications Specialist

I knew I needed something: a change, guidance, maybe someone just to hear me. I had been to psychologist in the past, and although I think it was great then, it was not what I needed now. I was “on top of the world,” things were going great in my life, and yet I was STILL “unhappy” and unsatisfied. It was so confusing and frustrating.


Meeting Angie was pure fate. God had his plan. I first met Angie as she casually walked in to my place of work (I own a clothing boutique). I greeted her as she walked in, helped her find a pair of shoes, and we quickly got to chatting. A few laughs later, she told me what she did for a living. I remember thinking “OH, that’s interesting!” and asked her for a card. I put it away in my wallet, as I told myself I didn’t need a coach right now. Months and some life changes went by. I had always kept her and the idea of having a coach at the back of my mind. And one day as I went to pay for a pack of cigarettes, her card popped out onto the counter. Funny how God goes about things. 


I reached out to her and made an appointment. Had a great consult. And I’m not going to lie, the commitment intimidated me, and I found myself asking “Did I really need this? My life is pretty great so far” and questions like that kept coming up. However, I realized it was just fear, and I pushed that fear and all the doubt out the window and signed up. Little did I know the transformation that would take place over the next year. 

I won’t go into all the details because well, it doesn’t matter what the details are. It doesn’t matter what you or I are going through or have been through--because what does matter is that change exists. Healthy, stable, consistent change does exist. In our first few sessions with Angie, we set goals and baselines. I set my vision and gradually worked towards it. As the weeks went by, and I started to change/grow, so did my vision. By month 3, I was no longer concerned with the things that we talked about when we started. I was aligning. By month 6, my whole world was shook, and everything felt like it had fallen apart.


But I was ok, and I was at peace most of the time. It’s not that everything had fallen apart. It’s that I had changed. I had embodied all the things that I said I had wanted when we started, and I had finally found the real me buried down under all the insecurities and self-doubt. In order for one to change, our surroundings must change too. You know that saying “things fall apart so that better things can fall together”--well folks, that’s EXACTLY how it went. We’re talking about work, family, relationships, emotional health. All of it.

10 months or so later, I’m in one of the best points of my life. Not only am I aware of my surroundings, I know what it is to be in alignment with myself. I actively CHOOSE things that serve me. (A huge lesson in all this is we all have choices.) Every single day is an opportunity to change. To choose differently. You can have endless excuses, but truth is you have zero limitations. I have acquired strong emotional management skills, and I finally have a better understanding of my own life and how I want to live it.  

Things I was:




A people pleaser 

A victim of my circumstances

Scared ( of being myself, of moving forward, of change, of rejection, of losing) 


Things I am now:

In control of life 


Self-centered (it’s actually a good thing)


Excited for change 

MYSELF! (This is huge for me!) 

No longer scared of any of the things that I feared



I could go on and on about all the things I’ve learned in such little time. Let’s face it, 10 months is like a week when I think about the fact that I’ve been living in what now feels like “hell” for the last 10-15 years! What I’ve learned from Angie has been liberating. And I cannot wait to see where I get a year from now! 





-- Vanessa Sauma, 31,

Entrepreneur/Owner of

"OHM Boutique"

I’m not one to boast about accomplishments in which I have achieved, but I have to in this case, the credit is owed to someone: Angie.


Eight months ago, I truly felt like I was wasting my life. I work night shift three times a week 6:30 pm - 7am at a hospital and as you can imagine, my sleep schedule is opposite of the norm. I found myself sleeping ALL day, and awake ALL night on my days off. I felt as if I never saw daylight, which actually wasn’t a feeling, it was the truth.


I had a to-do list constantly numbered atleast 1 - 10, and it would take me weeks to get anything done. I had no physical activity incorporated in my schedule, and my eating was just not even close to what it is today. My little free time off I spent putting people before me, caring what people thought about me or if they liked me, and stressing over things I had absolutely no control over.


When explaining this to Angie on our first meet, I remember her telling me “you need work.” Talking to her for an hour I was amazed. I couldn’t believe there was someone my age with her life so together. Their thought process so together. Angie just has her sh*t together. I trusted her and immediately knew this was someone I wanted to be around and learn from.

I embarked on a journey, and I knew that God had planted her in my life at this very time for a reason. On our second meet, Angie gave me a binder and a notebook. She said the quote on the notebook reminded her of me. I didn’t think much of it. The very next day, as I’m clearing out the pictures in my phone ( I hate clutter), I noticed I had a taken a picture a few months ago in Target of a quote on a notebook to send to my sister-in-law. Guess what notebook that was? Yup, the notebook Angie gave me. Creepy or fate? Fate! Signs are everywhere.

Angie set a plan for me, a 6-month plan, and every other week we got together and implemented the next step to the plan. I experienced major accomplishments and a couple set backs (that only happens when YOU don’t give your 100% dedication). Today, I can say I’ve mastered a sleeping schedule, which has me enjoying my time off and conquering my to-do lists. I cook now when before to me the term "cooking" meant throwing frozen food in the oven (my poor hubby!). I don’t allow myself to stress about things I have no control over. I put myself first. I don’t care what people think, and let’s be real, the way people feel is NOT my responsibility. I have removed the toxic from my life (which I can say I have NEVER done before--in fear of upsetting people). I reach my baseline for physical activity weekly and sometimes go over. My confidence, happiness, love for life, and energy has increased dramatically!


You may think these are all things that can be achieved on your own, and maybe they can be, but some people, like myself, need that push. You need someone holding you accountable besides yourself, and you need someone to tell you the real and the raw, and that’s Angie.


-- Brittany Miller, 29,

Respiratory Specialist

I have started this testimonial over three times already and hopefully like they say, “the third time is the charm.” I find myself rewriting it not because I don’t think it was worthy; but, I felt it wasn’t ‘deep’ enough. And to be as blunt as Angie, that is exactly what she does… she digs, and she digs deep.


I started off with Angie only being twenty years old. With a background of being 'baker-acted' and clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the young age of fifteen. I battled it severely for almost four years. I had felt that my 2017 was whirling down in a spiral I knew I could gain control of again.


It reached a sudden commencement of feeling an unexplainable sadness, uncertainty, and anger within me. The anger came from a place of "why" was I feeling this way when I had things I had been praying for and yet did not feel fulfilled. I was so annoyed of myself.


I just thought to myself:
I was not going to allow myself to be depressed.

I was not going to allow my emotions overpower my mind.


Then, one Wednesday afternoon, I was sitting in the tables at Panera Bread and Angie popped up on my Instagram news feed. The post was about a workshop she was going to be hosting. It felt like an absolute sign from God and The Universe that this was something for me. Suddenly my heart was saddened due to the fact that I couldn’t attend her workshop due to the date it was taking place; however, that did not stop me. I took it upon myself to reach out to her. Sooner than I knew it, my heart skipped a beat, as her immediate response was just sitting in my inbox.


From the consultation to this day, she has kept an undeniable truth, loyalty, and love. I had always lived in a fear due to the old scarcity mindset I sadly did have. Therefore, during the consultation, I was sitting beside her and all that was going through my head was: I am a full-time college student with a part-time job, with the side of bills and a bunch of other responsibilities we all have. So, when I took a look at the contract with the grand total of a number that absolutely scared me, I suddenly became sad because I thought I couldn’t be able to give myself this help I knew had to commit to.


But at the same time in that exact moment, I felt a fire burning in my soul as I looked into her chocolate eyes and she expressed to me “I don’t waste my time. Real-life changing sh*t happens here. And if this is what you truly say you want then you find a way.”


I didn’t even think twice as I grabbed her purple pen and signed my way to a life I did not even believe to be possible, especially not at my age.


Angie ignites more than just a fire in your soul, but a belief within you that at first you cannot even comprehend for yourself. I am now one degree smarter, one business under my belt, and a better part time job in. A resourceful, empowered, fired up twenty-one-year-old that is taking over the world one step at a time.


Angie is my piece of heaven on Earth. She has gifted me more than just great knowledge upon life, tackling emotions within different situations, or breathing exercises, but the gift of being true to myself. Thank you, Angie. Thank you for paying it forward within our community and for the many of us that need that splash of water to wake up or the breath of fresh air to keep going. I am now at my one-year mark ,and this contract has no expiration date, because this is a life-long journey. I am here for one hell of a ride.


-- Angelica Santos, 21,


If you asked me a year ago where I would be today, it would be completely different than where I am right now.


I always knew that the typical “therapy” wasn’t for me, but finding more of a holistic way was. I loved finding new ways to improve my thinking and overall well-being; I bought book after book, listened to podcast, searched through blogs and social media [but ultimately that wasn't enough]. Then one day, I stumbled upon Angie’s page through Instagram and knew instantly that I had to see what this was about. That was one of the BEST steps I have taken in my life. She aligned with my entire thought process of where I wanted to be.


Fast forward to 6 months later, I have learned new things about myself that I never knew existed. I came face to face with the truth, the ugly truth. I was stagnant in my life, I wasn’t being challenged, I lost myself through what was a one-sided relationship with someone who couldn’t manage his own emotions and was overwhelmed with the unhappiness I felt at work. Things needed, WERE, going to change. I made that promise to myself and now I AM COMMITTED.


I learned that feelings are just that: feelings. They come and go, and you are the one that gives power to their meaning. You are the ultimate cheerleader or destroyer.


Angie will make you feel the very deep part of your core--enough to overcome these habits that no longer serve you. I chose to be a CHAMPION and by hiring her as a Coach, I am getting that much closer to it.


Best investment I’ve made, and it’s only the beginning.


-- Missy Lopez, 34,

Dispatcher/Coast Guard (USCG Reserves) 

"This wasn't like any other work I've done with someone before. This was soul work. Angie brought out the things in me that I did and didn't want to face.


Angie's gift is truly life-changing. She has helped me uncover and shift from the person I was to the person I'm meant to be. She helped me uncover my truth. The work we've done is the kind of work that shifts mountains. I highly recommend working with Angie. It's never the diet, the business, the relationship. It's the things underneath the hood that Angie sees and helps you to see it too."


-- Erika del Pozo, 30,

MOT, OTR/L, CEO + Co-Founder of "Joy Energy Time" 

When I came to Angie, I was avoiding a purpose-filled life by living in denial of what I truly wanted. I knew for a fact that my life needed guidance because I was free from depression and drug addiction, but I was still lacking direction, purpose, consistent drive, unwavering belief, and the tools needed for me to manage my EQ (emotional intelligence).


I had experienced the convenience of online sessions in the past because a doctor I previously worked with also offered the option of working remotely so I knew it wouldn’t be an issue.  Most importantly, I wanted my mental health to grow stronger and not wilt into another cycle of fighting the same old battles.

[All the way from Texas], I chose to work with Angie because nobody would be a better fit than someone living freely after having conquered battles that many haven’t yet faced.  

After completing Phase 1 with Angie, I’ve learned how to effectively manage my emotions in order for me to stay off medications, which was a personal goal of mine.  I found clarity & courage to unapologetically be myself, which translated into me personally formulating an action plan for a purpose-filled life of my choosing.


More than an extraordinary coach, I truly believe Angie is a lightworker that helped me remember my identity and consequently empowered me to set my own life free.  I signed up for EQ, but gained priceless wisdom along the way; I’ll forever be grateful for Angie’s coaching.  

-- Sara Guzman, 26,

Entrepreneur/Holistic Health Advocate 


Two months after I lost my father to cancer & its many complications, I felt lost, but my sense of direction hadn’t totally left me. I read Angie’s Instagram posts, went through her website & just felt like she could help me someway, somehow, so I asked for her time. Angie & I went to high school together, so I had come to her for friendly direction - who could help me? I felt lost. Should it be a psychologist or what kind of coach? I ended up signing up with Angie because she said that instead of being someone who would just listen, she would actually give me tools to help me move forward and have my back. I felt compelled to make a leap a faith with her. 


Through the course of a year, as my emotional intelligence coach, Angie guided me to:

  1. Become an observer of my emotions vs. diving into all of the waves that come through daily

  2. Note when something felt like a trigger

  3. Recognize when the voice inside my head was (really) mean, which was a symptom of needing to fill my cup

  4. Introduced me into a trans-formative gratitude practice

  5. Invest in myself & fill my cup more regularly than I ever have through exercise, different types of medicines, rituals, etc. 

  6. Purchase a natural light alarm clock which changed my wake ups -- seriously, this one seems simple but amazing


I have no doubt that without Angie's guidance & friendship, I would have lost myself for a longer while also losing the man I now call my fiance. By facing my thoughts & emotions with Angie, I was able to get my power back. Though my formal time with Angie has come to an end, my time with her has shown me that I will always have a coach from here on out because there is ALWAYS a next level for each of us - emotionally , physically , spiritually, etc. - and having someone who you trust, cheering you on makes all the difference .  


What makes Angie effective? She is uniquely able to truly listen and when it’s time, she will rephrase and repeat what you said with such clarity, that you will know she understood. During endless emotional conversations where I would get lost, Angie would remind me how to get back my brain by asking critical questions. In asking those questions over and over again through all different types of emotional conversations, I learned how to help myself. She empowered me. Angie is so incredible at this skill and it’s so challenging to even explain! She will follow you into your darkness time and time again, and help you bring yourself back to the light. 

To whoever is reading this and is feeling compelled to see for yourself - please do & you will see Angie will have your back too.


-- Claudia Martinez, 31,

Trade Planning Lead 

I am eternally grateful for crossing paths with Angie almost two years ago at one of her workshops. I was instantly drawn to her message and scheduled a consultation immediately after. She sat with me, explained her program, and I remember instantly thinking “WHEN CAN WE START?”


The last two years have been the most transformative years for not just my confidence, but my authenticity.  Angie helped me point out my own limiting beliefs and excuses I kept making in fear of change. I started letting go of relationships, beliefs, and thoughts that were no longer serving me. The beauty of letting go of these things is that it makes room for things and people that do align with your most authentic self. 


I feel so at peace because my relationships, spiritual life, health, and career are finally in sync with who I am at my core and what I want. I am also empowered because I have learned the importance of managing my emotions in the toughest situations.


I remember telling Angie my dream was to open an ABA company. This dream felt like something so distant and difficult to achieve at the time. Angie has helped me every step of the way, and I am so blessed to say that I was able to leave my job and work full time for myself in this short time.  My life has improved in so many ways since working with Angie, and I know this is only the beginning of even greater things to come. 

-- Jackie Jas, 31,

Behavior Analyst + Owner of Peak Therapy Center

Headshot (1).jpg

Angie literally walked into my life when I needed her the most – and didn’t even know it.


During a trunk show at a local boutique, she made a purchase from us and began following us on Instagram.  Within minutes, I sent her a direct message that said “ After reading your bio, I think I need to come see you!” 


Working with Angie has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. I was genuinely drawn to her personality, her confidence and sense of empathy.  Knowing I was in a very bad place emotionally and physically – I signed up to her coaching program instantly.  Despite not being in the best of financial situations, I said I would find a way to make it happen – and I did. The changes began even before our first official session. 


24 hours after our consultation, I spoke to my immediate family (those that would be affected the most by it) and made a very powerful decision. This is the type of impact Angie has, however, YOU must be willing to do the work and be open to seeing life in a whole new direction. Angie really opened my eyes to where I was in life, how my limiting beliefs were holding me back and the confidence I was lacking in my business. 


After only 2 sessions, I resigned from my 16-year corporate job, which was slowly killing me. To be clear, this was not suggested to me.  Rather, through her coaching, I came to the realization on my own. You see, Angie is not here to tell you what to do or how to do it – she is not a babysitter.  No – she is here to elevate and open your way of thinking and the way you live your life so that YOU and YOU ALONE have the power to make those decisions.  It’s all part of evolving into the best version of yourself. 


With Angie’s wisdom, coaching and guidance, I literally changed my life to what I always dreamed it could be.  These changes did not come easy, but personal growth is never easy or comfortable – and Angie is a firm believer in getting uncomfortable.  She leads by example as is very open about challenging herself and “getting uncomfortable”.     

When I look back on who I was before working with Angie and who I am today, I almost cannot believe it.  It’s as if she opened the door and guided me with her knowledge to a whole new world of possibilities.  I am forever grateful for Angie and hold her dear to my heart as one of the most impactful people in my entire life.  Thank you Angie, thank you.

-- Suzanne Lister, 38,

Co-Founder + Owner of "Splash Jewelry & Accessories"


My Dearest Angie,                                                                                            


THANK YOU for coming into my life and giving me the tools to embrace living with: Love, gratitude, intelligence, commitment and TENACITY.

Every session we shared, you made me feel like I was the most important person in the world. 

Every session had answers to my troubles.

Every session was filled with joy. 

Every session, I wish would last a little longer....


I have gained the ability to be "PRESENT" and see things for what they truly are.

I have lost the "FEAR'' of my true potential.

I have aquired the skill and habit to put "SOMETHING" away and recover financially from my previous mistakes and money story. 

I understand now how to relinquish the things I cannot control and embrace them.

I have learned to breath myself back into what truly matters.


Life has become simpler and I feel and see everything in a whole different way, although it was not simple. I learned how difficult breaking habits can be and how the mind and the body will try to fight back its way into normalcy. Whenever I feel doubt or recognize those past feelings, I look back at my notes and sessions and they always help me through. 

At moments of what I would call 911's, Angie allows phone calls that would always ease my worries. I never felt alone through this process. 

My business is soaring. I happily left my 10 year job to create a new life and nurture my dreams and make them a reality. Something I thought I would never be able to accomplish.

My eating habits serve me and are non-negotiable, and I am taking care of my body with consistent exercise.   I put myself first now....I really do; and truly nothing comes in my way!

I was in a place of anxiety in regards to my future; I was "very" disappointed in regards to my past, focusing tons of my energy there and in a confusion regarding my present moment. All these were not noticed by me.


Angie sends you home with insightful homework and notes, which help you along your process. 

The summary sessions are filled with amazing information and are delivered to you the next day. Something I always looked forward to reading. She analyzes her client so specifically that is truly wonderful to see how you evolve.

Her sessions are set in comfortable places which makes everything about her technique so unique. For that one hour, you truly feel you are with a kind, smart, understanding, and truthful mentor. 

Anyone who will cross paths with Angie will be very fortunate. I have been one of them and for it, I am eternally and lovingly grateful. 


I love you Angie! 




-- Carolina Montes, 39,

Entrepreneur + Founder of "Pure V"

BEST decision I’ve ever made.

When I first started working with Angie, I was probably at one of the lowest points in my life, in all aspects: emotionally, physically, and mentally. My emotional intelligence was non-existent, my mindset was off, and my health habits were not great. Looking back now, I can’t ever imagine being in that place again. 

Coaching with Angie was truly transformational! I can’t even put into words how much my life/identity has shifted in the most amazing ways, how much my mind has changed, and how grateful I am for her work.


With Angie I learned how to let go of money stories, how to let go of people and relationships that did not serve me, and I strengthened my mindset more than I ever thought I could. Most importantly, I shifted into fully trusting myself to achieve anything I put my mind to. Every time I had a moment of doubt, Angie helped me work through it, and guided me in processing feelings and thoughts. She empowered me and truly helped me believe in myself again. 

The best part: most of this happened amidst a ‘pandemic’! During one of the most challenging times for most of the world, Angie helped me thrive like never before. I changed my eating habits, lost 15 lbs, I got promoted at work, and slowly but surely, more and more pieces started falling into place. I've healed so much through this process with Angie, even in areas where I did not know I needed healing. She helped me see my blind spots in order to work through previous trauma and forgive. I now look back at the things that used to cause me pain with empathy. My relationships across the board have gotten so much better, with family and friends alike. I’ve learned the beauty of meeting people where they are at, and the peace that comes from truly understanding my feelings.

Now, my health habits serve me, and my body is fueled and cared for. I no longer have a money story. I am at peace. I operate from a place of abundance. I love myself more than ever before. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been, and the momentum in my career/professional life is at an all time high. I care for my patients in a more meaningful way, and I know I'm making a positive impact on my community. I can’t wait to keep exploring and growing on this path of self development. I know there are even more amazing things coming soon, and now thanks to Angie, I’m equipped to handle all of it. I wake up every day with so much gratitude, for this beautiful life, and for Angie’s impact on it. 


- Katherine Napuri, 32, MD

Have you ever felt that you just keep running into all the walls possible? No matter how much meditation, yoga, workouts, prayer, journaling, and speaking things into existence that you STILL felt doors closing, one after another. This was me prior to working with Angie.


Little did I know how much of my own emotional health impacted what I was experiencing.  I was looking to work with someone who not only spoke to my experience, but could help me get out of my own way...simply get to the root of the resistance in my life. I thought what I needed was a "business coach," maybe to work on my brand, fine tune my WHY, but working with Angie showed me otherwise.


Angie helped me understand not only what emotional IQ was, but the HUGE role it plays in all of our lives. I learned how false narratives and several distorted thinking patterns impacted my relationships and overall faith within myself. I learned how the lack of boundaries and constantly doing things for others depleted me of my energy and how this contributed to continuously having a lack of clarity in my life.


However, the biggest takeaway and one which I am so incredibly grateful for is simply finding my most authentic self. I found my voice and learned how to use it. I drew boundaries, walked away from people, jobs and activities that didn't serve me. Through finding this authenticity I gained the courage to do hard and uncomfortable things, which is where I saw the most growth. Thank you, Angie, for the work you do, the impact you leave, and encouraging us all to be our truest selves.


- Nina Jean-Louis, 30, Heritage Consultant

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